Genomics of Gene Expression


The Conesa lab in the department of Microbiology and Cell Sciences at the University of Florida is seeking enthusiastic and accomplished postdoctoral fellows in three major areas of research:

  • Next generation functional annotation of isoform resolved transcriptomics data
  • Statistical and bioinformatics analysis of multi-omics data
  • Development of novel functional genomics tools for non-model organisms


Work in the Conesa lab combines computational research with wet-lab research to support bioinformatics developments. We seek individuals that will thrive in a multidisciplinary team composed of computational biologists, (bio)informaticians and biostatisticians.  The research group is located in the UF Genomics Institute, a multi-departmental Center on Genomics and Cancer Research (, next to the major UF sequencing facility and with direct access to the HiPerGator supercomputer (


Candidates should hold a PhD degree in high-throughput biology, genomics, computational biology or biostatistics, be acquainted with the analysis of high-throughput sequencing data and have a broad interest in the functional aspects of gene expression.


If you are interested, please, send your CV and motivation letter to:

Ana Conesa

MSC-University of Florida



More information on Dr. Conesa and her research can be found at: