The Genomics of Gene Expression is led by Dr. Ana Conesa, bioinformatics professor at the University of Florida. We are interested in understanding functional aspects of gene expression at the genome-wide level and across different organisms and its relationship with diseases and traits. For that, we develop statistical methods and software tools that analyze the dynamic aspects of transcriptomes, integrate these with other types of molecular data and annotate them functionally, with a special focus on Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) data. Functional genomics research is complemented with the development of bioinformatics software for the analysis of genomics data.

Our current research lines are:

  • Functional annotation of isoforms: Methods and software development for the analysis of alternative isoform expression and its effect on phenotype. The methods we are working on cover aspects from the transcriptome assembly using long reads to the functional enrichment strategies at isoform level.
  • Integration of multi-omic data: Implementation of statistical methods for experimental planning, and integrative analysis of different omics such as Next Generation Sequencing data, proteomics, metabolomics, clinical data, etc. Design of software for data gathering, organization and visualization.


Funding agencies

Our work has been funded by: