Genomics of Gene Expression

EmTech, organized by the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) Technology Review magazine, is the world’s leading emerging technologies conference. This event brings together technology gurus, scientists and young entrepreneurs who present innovative perspectives to transform society and everyday life.

EmTech España 2013 has been held on November 5 and 6 in Valencia, a city that is committed to backing innovation and providing entrepreneurial opportunities. Valencia has become the center of European entrepreneurship in the coming years by holding MIT’s emerging technologies conference.

The Community of Valencia has defined its corporate identity as a land of entrepreneurs that combines a traditional industrial network with the strength of new emerging sectors, surrounded and supported by a powerful ecosystem. There are 14 technology institutes, a broad network of infrastructures and industries, and an academic system formed by seven universities and their business parks, whose R&D spending represents 14.5% of the total Spanish university sector for 2012.

This year EmTech España and MIT have chosen the city of Valencia to hold their third European edition to take advantage of such potential. EmTech España 2013 attendees have been immersed in an environment that is appropriate for developing science and technology capable of creating fantastic business opportunities.

This conference is a showcase where the leading researchers, scientists and technologists exhibit their work and share experiences. Technologists, entrepreneurs, investors and businessmen from the technology sector share their experience about the changes in each of the conference’s main topics. In this context, Ana Conesa has been invited as leading researcher in the area for presenting the STATegra project  and showcase the challenges that personalized medicine will have in the near future.

Each EmTech España panel has a special format. Attendees have been able to listen to specialists and experts in round tables, debates, and dynamic presentations with high quality content. Moreover, it has been an ideal opportunity to meet with these professionals and entrepreneurs in person and build strong and strategic connections.