Genomics of Gene Expression

4 July, 2024

What an exciting day at the GGE Lab! Yesterday, we had the honor of hosting the winners of the Spain Biology Olympics. These talented young minds came to learn about our work in bioinformatics, and it was an incredible experience.

LongTREC PhD students, Tian Liu and Fabian Jetzinger, guided the group through the lab. They talked about fascinating topics like single-cell sequencing and artificial intelligence. “It’s great to share what we do with such enthusiastic students,” said Fabian. “They remind us why our work is so important.”

The students got hands-on with PaintOmics, analyzing multi-omics data and exploring complex biological pathways in databases like KEGG. They were amazed! One of them said, “Seeing how bioinformatics tools transform raw data into insights was eye-opening. It inspired me to think about a future in this field.”

Tian and Fabian also showed them some AI-based tools we are developing. The technology of the future for genomic data analysis!

Dr. Ana Conesa, GGE leader and LongTREC coordinator, emphasized how important it is for us to inspire the next generation. “We hope this visit sparked a passion for bioinformatics in these talented students,” she said.

And this is just the beginning. We plan to organize more visits and workshops so that more young people can discover the wonders of genomics and bioinformatics. Who knows what future scientists we might be inspiring today! 

Thanks to everyone who made this visit possible. It was a pleasure to have these students here, and we wish them all the best in their future endeavors in biology and bioinformatics!