Genomics of Gene Expression

We are thrilled to share highlights from Ana Conesa’s recent interview on CienciaEs ( In this engaging conversation, Ana delves into the intricate world of the transcriptome, emphasizing the pivotal role of RNA sequencing in understanding cellular processes. Her insights shed light on the advancements in transcriptomic analysis, particularly through the innovative use of long-read RNA sequencing, which promises greater precision in identifying and quantifying transcripts.

Ana also discusses the challenges and breakthroughs outlined in her latest publication in Nature Methods “Systematic assessment of long-read RNA-seq methods for transcript identification and quantification” ( This research not only underscores the importance of transcriptomics in modern biology but also highlights the ongoing efforts to refine these techniques for better accuracy and reliability.

For a deeper dive into these topics, we invite you to listen to the full interview on CienciaEs.

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